How to css host a website on google drive

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how to host a website on google drive
how to host a website on google drive

To create the .css file in Google Drive you need to follow the following steps:

how to host .css JavaScript and html code on Google drive,

  • 1. Log in to Google Drive and create a new folder or navigate to the folder where you want to save the .css file.
  • 2. Go to the folder and press "Merge" or "+" icon and select "Common Files".
  • 3. You can use a text editor or any text editing software to create a .css file. Type the .css code you want in a text editor.
  • 4. When saving the file, add .css to the file name eg "styles.css".
  • 5. After saving the file, it will be uploaded to Google Drive and you can share this file if needed.
  • In this suspended system, you can save and share .css files using Google Drive.

Use how to host a website on google drive files within your template.

how to host a website on google drive Use hosted files within your template, After completing all the above described process correctly, you will get a link to your hosted file which links to it. 1ZrFPZuA7p4asCyRYu1BA_S6jEku1uK3b/edit?usp=sharing

Above link file is in format for sharing only and not in hosting code format. So if you want to use that file as a hosted file, you have to use it as below.

After making these changes, you will get a file in the format below, ready to use.

If you know designing then this is not a problem but if you don't know how to use your hosted file link in your design then select your to host a website on google drive, 1ZrFPZuA7p4asCyRYu1BA_S6jEku1uK3b


<!--[ Template CSS  ]-->
<link href="" rel="stylesheet" />

For JavaScript

<!--[ Template JavaScript  ]-->
<link src="" rel="stylesheet"/>

google-drive-link- replace it with yours here and paste it first in your design.

<head> tag for CSS and paste after

<body> for JavaScript. Go to Templates for Blogger section >> Edit HTML and then search for

<head> or <body>

G-Drive Direct Download Link Generator Tool

Several advantages of hosting files on Google Drive.

  • It is a Google product, which implies it is a high-quality service and a reliable platform, as the name already makes clear.
  • A lot of space is available on Google Drive.
  • We receive 15GB of storage per account,
  • which is sufficient to take into account the possibility that all available space will be used up before you upgrade to a premium plan.
  • the supplying Due to Google's servers' consistent performance and unrestricted bandwidth, hosted files load faster than those from other providers.
  • You can store an unlimited number of various file kinds on your disk because to its versatility and simplicity of use.
  • The finest thing is that it's free to use, which is the last but not least.

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