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Google magically word typing

We all know that Google is the most used search engine in the world. Constantly, numerous searches are done in different languages ​​with this search engine. But there are some words or sentences which Google starts to behave very strangely when you type them which will seem quite incongruous or funny to your eyes.

Google's strange behavior is not a technical error. Instead, Google programmers have created them just to have fun with users. Again, there is a special occasion or event behind some keywords. Basically, these funny search keywords are created to surprise or delight the users, which are called 'Easter Eggs'.

Google's oldest Easter egg is 'Do a Barrel roll' or 'z or r twice'. If you search by writing these sentences, the search result page will turn 360 degrees and reach the previous place again! Which is really funny.

Google saw the light in 1998. After that, they are in this position after a lot of cutting and rubbing. But how was the search engine at the beginning? If you are ever curious, just do a quick search on Google 'google in 1998'. Immediately Google will appear with you on the Google homepage of 1998.

In Zerg rush, if you search by writing two words, you will hit the small English 'O' letter on the result page! And one by one they will destroy all your search results. But you can save your valuable search results if you want. You can finish off the 'O' forces by repeatedly clicking the mouse cursor on the attacker.

Are you suddenly in a dilemma when making a decision? He thought that it should be settled without tossing. But can't get any coins to toss? Don't worry, Google will do this for you. You can solve the problem of toss by typing Flip a coin from the search results. Google is also solving the problem of six like coins. Starting from Ludu, Google can appear as a savior if the six is ​​lost for any need. For which you have to write Roll a die.

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