How to get back the hacked Facebook account

How to get back the hacked Facebook account, যেভাবে হ্যাক হওয়া ফেসবুক অ্যাকাউন্ট ফিরে পাবেন, how to get back my hacked facebook account, get back,
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Assalamu-yalaikum how are you all I hope you are all well Today's tune is how to get back the hacked Facebook account. 

Currently, Facebook is the most popular social media. There are billions of users worldwide. Facebook is the most used social media.

Meanwhile, the tendency to hack Facebook has also increased a lot. Especially those who have more followers through social media or play free fire, pubg games online, their account is more likely to be hacked. Find out what to do if your account is suddenly hacked.

If you understand the password of your Facebook or e-mail, it is easy to hack.

You may not understand when your Facebook account has been hacked, so read the article below carefully.

You can get your account back just by following a few steps. Meanwhile, if the account is hacked, Facebook will inform you if the e-mail address is connected to your account.

If your email, password is changed or your name, birthday is changed, a notification will be sent to your email address.

What to do-

1. First go to Facebook Account Settings and Privacy.

2. Now select Password and Security.

3. Then you have to select the Change Password option. In this case you have to remember your old password.

4. You can also see in the Password and Security option, from which devices you have logged in to your Facebook Account.

If you come across a device that is not yours, delete it quickly from your Facebook account.

5. Then you will try to secure your Facebook account by clicking on Suspicious log in. You will only succeed if you follow the path shown by Facebook there.

6. It is also possible to solve the problem through some support pages of Facebook. You can always stay connected with Facebook. In this case, go to the Password and Security page, click on the Get Help option and tell that your Facebook account has been hacked.

7. Click on the link to get your Facebook account back. Clicking here will ask you to enter the phone number (which is linked to the Facebook account).

If the number you provided matches that phone number, Facebook authorities will help you recover the hacked account.

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