iMagz 1.25 + RTL Premium Blogger Template Download Free

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iMagz 1.25 Premium Blogger Template Free Download
iMagz 1.25 Premium Blogger Template Free Download

Hello Everybody. welcome back to my blog. After reaping great success through the Imagz V1.2 Blogger Template and Fletro Pro, now Jagodesign has released a new version of Imagz called iMagz V1.25 Blogger Template.

iMagz 1.25 Blogger Template

iMagz 1.25 Pro itself is very suitable for various niche blogs. This can not be separated from the presence of a myriad of features that will certainly support the performance of your blog. For example, a blog with a news niche you can use the split post feature like a News website in general. If you want to sell goods and services, the existing landing page features will be very helpful in Imagz v 1.25 Landing Page Version.

Not quite there, iMagz Pro v.1.25 made by Jagodesign also supports blogs with educational niches as for features that might be very helpful here are the Blockquote, Accordion, tables, and table of content features or what is commonly called the table of contents. Especially for blogs download, don't ask again, this template comes with button support with various styles, there is also a spoiler feature that you can use to save the password file.

Then what about tutorial blogs that actually have to load coding? No need to worry about the Syntax Highlighter feature ready to display and highlight the source code you wrote. Multi Tab Syntax Highlighter is the main features of This theme for a blogging tutorial website.

Following the trend of Blogger today, the Dark Mode feature seems to be a must in a template. This feature is also always maintained by Muhammad Maki as the designer of this template. However, the convenience of visitors must still be prioritized. You can read some other features in the next heading called Features of iMagz V1.25 Blogger Theme.

Features Of iMagz V1.25 Blogger Theme

As described at the beginning of the post or in the previous heading, iMagz Pro v1.25 is very rich in features, it wouldn't be wrong if the Admin named this template the best Blogger Theme. The features are as follows.
  • 100% Responsive Design
  • Landing Page
  • Landing Page in Post
  • Landing Page in Static Page
  • Custom Page
  • Blog Page
  • Portfolio Page
  • Fullread Page
  • Tab Post
  • Split Post
  • Ad Slots
  • Dark Mode
  • Load More Button
  • Last Update Date
  • Reading Time
  • Custom Blogger Comment
  • Disqus and Facebook Comment
  • Widget Custom
  • SEO Friendly
  • Valid Structure Data Google
  • Schema Markup
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Multi Tab Syntax Highlighter
  • Any More...

iMagz V1.25 Blogger Template Free Download

This template comes in 2 versions, namely iMagz V1.25 + iMagz V1.25 Landing Page , and Standard version of iMagz . The difference is that the landing page feature is removed in the standard version. Standard iMagz is specifically for those of you who don't need a blog with a landing page.

If it doesn't download automatically, please click Download again. And if the link is broken, please report via the Contact Form page of this blog.

iMagz 1.25 RTL Premium Blogger Template Download Free Blogger template 410 KB 09-08-2023 .xml

iMagz 1.25 RTL Premium Blogger Template Download :-



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