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JetTheme Blogger Template Download free
Jet Theme Blogger Template Download free

JetTheme Blogger Template is absolutely free template with all premium features. I'm also using the same Blogger template with some CSS modifications. I want to thank the creator for creating this great premium template and making it available for free.

It is made by Vietnamese web developer and available on with all details.A disadvantage will be their language.All information in Vietnamese. I would like to advise you to download the updated version from the official website.
JetTheme Blogger Template Free Download
Jet Theme Blogger Template Free Download

JetTheme Blogger Template is a suitable template for those who want to blog about technology, games, travel destinations, movies, blogger magazines, innovations and more with a clean theme. The design looks very simple, but very high quality.At first glance, it looks like a blog based on the WordPress platform.

Jettheme's Blogger template also loads very quickly as lazy loading features are available for many elements such as images, videos and AdSense. 100% Free Blogger Template for your blog with all premium features

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Jet Blogger Template Free Download


  • Sleek and Clean Design
  • Device Responsiveness
  • Orange and Other Color Schemes
  • Adsense Ready Horizontal Navigation
  • Menu (Great for Adsense Approval)
  • Featured Post Widget
  • User-Friendly Sitemap Blog Maps
  • Awesome Footer Newsletter Subscription (Alternative to MailChimp)
  • SVG Social Icons
  • Social Sharing
  • Blog Pagination
  • Breadcrumb
  • Hashtag
  • Automated Related Posts (in a Sleek Box)
  • Automatic Posts Google Ads
  • Unique Comments Section Clean "Related Posts"
  • Dark Mode Search Feature
  • Sticky Sidebar Google Ads at the bottom of webpages.
  • Disqus Comment System
  • Google Test Tool Validation
  • Social Share
  • Featured Post Section Shortcode Added!
  • Dynamic Header
  • Table of Contents
  • Multiple Drop Down and more

Jet Blogger Template Free Download:-

If it doesn't download automatically, please click Download again. And if the link is broken, please report via the Contact Form page of this blog.

Jet theme - Best Blogger Template Download Free Blogger template 300 KB 09-07-2023 .xml
If it doesn't download automatically, please click Download again. And if the link is broken, please report via the Contact Form page of this blog.
Demo JetTheme Core Demo JetTheme


We are share content only for testing purpose and to help those who didn't afford money to buy, its not for commercial use. Please, If you think that it's working fine and have money then we highly recommend you to buy it from Aveestb. Because they have worked very hard to make it. If you are the owner of this content and you have problem with this then, Mail us, thank you...

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